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360 viti: the online platform to view and store all of your vineyard information

Manage your vineyard with plant, fruit, and envrionmental data

Vineyard information can be sourced from data providers that you are already using. 360viti has been designed to centralize and analyze all different types of data.

3 Objectives :

Informative, Efficient, Dependable

Schema Data Flow

360 viti integrates and displays all your sites data to support you and your team throughout the season

Weather data, fruit analysis numbers, aerial imagery maps... data is scattered. 360viti enables wine professionals to save time and to be more precise by compiling and analyzing multiple variables.

Visualize and understand

With your personalized dashboard, interact with your favorite indices and setup alerts.

Compare and improve

View historical data and better understand the impact of your past vineyard practices.

Diagnose and take action

With 360viti apps, you can create detailed tracking logs for each parameter. By linking the data everything becomes clearer!

Work better as a team

Build private dashboards or sharred ones. With shared dashboards the vineyard and winemaking teams can all use the same information to streamline processes and make a better wine.

Make the digital transition effortless

Think about all of the different spreadsheets, log-ins, websites, and more that you have to juggle while managing a vineyard; between your maps, weather, soil, plant, and fruit data there is information everywhere. 360viti brings you what you're missing. One place for all your vineyard data! Easy!

Climatic Data

Plant Data

Fruit Data

Soil Data

Aerial Imagery

Data Entry

Apps made by the industry for the industry


Dashboard :
your control center

With personalized dashboards, check your favorite indices and receive alerts. Every user can create their own dashboard-- share it or keep it private.

Maps :
bird's-eye view of your vineyard

The Maps app allows your vineyard maps to be georeferenced (NDVI, Physiocap® etc.). In the Maps app you can draw, measure, and write reviews on your maps.


Graph :
follow your data over time

The Graph app enables you to track data evolution in the form of a curve, or histogram; compare this season with previous seasons. Examples: fruit sugar level, rain level, and water stress.

EnterData :
Manually input data

Digitize visual observation; this data can be georeferenced and shared with your team


A board for each data set

360viti allows you to create boards categorized by type of data, vineyard block, and sub-block

A board for each team member

Each profession is interested in different variables, 360viti makes it possible to track these variables by theme and by block


There's two 360viti levels. Which one is made for you ?

Make sure everyone can enjoy the benefits of vineyard data analysis.


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Access to all 360viti apps
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One data provider integration


Everything in Starter360 plus:

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Get acces to local weather station data
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Access to all 360viti apps
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Unlimited number of dashboards
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Unlimited number of data provider integrations